Marine Engine Mounts

Marine Engine Mounts are also ideal for mobile applications thanks to their rugged architecture.

Their special design offers multi-axial stiffnesses values , high vertical elasticity,increased longitudinal stiffness and optimal lateral stiffness for improved vibration isolation on that axis.

This vibration isolator is suitable for the isolation of mobile rotating machines which are exposed to axial and radial shocks, dripping oil, diesel or exposure to the weather. It is particularly interesting for applications where a high level of vibration isolation is required.

Technical Characteristics

  • The top part of the hood has a cross-shaped indentation , which enhances its rigidity in mobile applications and also improves the flow of oils or liquids which splash onto it.

  •  The metal parts have an anticorrosive treatment which is suitable for outdoor applications.RoHs compliant.

  • The mounts are clearly identified, as the bases are engraved with the type and hardness.

  • They have an interlocking metal component that provides a fail-safe protection for mobile applications. This device limits vertical movement when the mounting is submitted to shock inputs.

  • The top part protects the elastomer inside from possible dripping oil, diesel, ozone and ultraviolet rays which can cause major damage to the rubber.

  • For marine engine applications, contact the AMC Mecanocaucho ® Technical Department. The different stiffnesses for each axis make it possible to offer major flexibility in the direction perpendicular to the crankshaft of the engine. This provides more effective isolation from vibrations of all types of engines.



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