The XD Marine type AMC-MECANOCAUCHO® mounts are ideal for mobile applications where a higher degree of isolation is required.

Its specific design allows lower vertical and radial stiffness rates. This feature is particularly useful on those applications where a high vibration isolation rate is required even if the machine runs at low idle speeds. The metal parts are robust and incorporate a fail-safe device in order to resist traction forces.

This vibration isolator is suitable for the isolation of mobile rotating machines which are exposed to axial and radial shocks, dripping oil, diesel or exposure to the weather. It is particularly interesting for applications where a high level of vibration isolation is required.

Technical Characteristics

  • The cast aluminum bell has been designed to withstand to great dynamic shocks while the rubber compound is guided in order to avoid relative displacements.
  • The rubberized baseplate and the aluminum top cap provide a higher resistance to marine corrosive environments, improving the performance of traditional marine antivibration mounts.
  • The mounts have a clear identification of rubber hardness on the baseplate.
  • The rubber compound is protected against oil contamination, O3 and UV rays.
  • The failsafe device avoids rubber working at traction and limits the vertical ascendant movement.
  • The different stiffness rates per axis, allow low roll natural frequencies of the system. This feature provides a higher vibration isolation degree on engines. The fact of having a lower vertical stiffness perfectly suits 3 cylinder engines working at low idle speeds.
  • The higher longitudinal stiffness allows the mount to withstand thrust forces. This feature provides stability and reduces longitudinal movements of the engine. For marine application installations, please contact the technical department of AMC-MECANOCAUCHO®.



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