The MARINE X Stainless Steel Anti-vibration Mounts

The MARINE X stainless steel anti-vibration mounts share the elastic properties of the AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type MARINE mounts, but with a greater anti-corrosion resistance. These antivibration mounts are made of stainless steel, allowing high corrosion resistance to chemical reagents (especially sulphuric acid) and marine atmosphere. It is a very common material in the food, paper and construction industries.

AMC Mecanocaucho® MARINE X Captive anti vibration mounts are anti vibration elements which work the rubber in shear and compression. Their architecture allow them to have stiffness par axis allowing reduced roll natural frequencies on engines.

AMC Mecanocaucho® MARINE X Captive mount is especially recommended for applications where vibration isolation is necessary, such as isolation of rotating or mobile machines that are continuously subjected to shocks, dripping oil or diesel or are exposed to the elements.

Technical Characteristics

  • The top metal hood protects the rubber from the Ozone, UV rays, diesel or oils which damage the rubber.
  • The metal parts have a suitable anticorrosive treatment for outdoor applications. RoHs compliant.
  • They have an interlocking metal component that provides a fail-safe protection for mobile applications.
  • This device limits vertical movement when the mounting is submitted to shock inputs.
  • The mounts are clearly identified, as the baseplates are engraved with the type and hardness, which makes it possible to easily recognise the part even after several years of use.
  • The top cap has a cross shaped indentation which enhances rigidity on mobile applications and also permits oils or liquids to flow off the mounting.



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